At Hambly Morgan, you can expect service better the usual 'tick and flick' strata management.

  • Arrange maintenance and repairs of common property
  • Conduct correspondence on behalf of the owners corporation
  • Keep up to date with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Schedule and conduct AGMs and special meetings
  • Prepare and distribute the minutes of meetings
  • Prepare annual financial budgets for approval by the owners
  • Obtain public liability and replacement cost insurance
  • Arrange for property valuation to establish replacement cost for insurance
  • Manage insurance claims to ensure prompt completion of repairs
  • Maintain up-to-date records of all owners
  • Deal with property sales and transfer of strata title ownership
  • Maintain owners corporation bank accounts and property financial records
  • Invoice and collect fees and levies
  • Get competitive quotes for repairs and maintenance, & manage the progress and quality of work performed
  • Ensure tradespeople have the right qualifications and insurance
  • Quick responses to your Owners Corporation problems