General Procedures

Voting instructions

If you are unable to attend the meeting, it is imperative that you complete your voting paper or complete your proxy form appointing as your proxy a named person who will attend on your behalf.
1. Please return all proxies/voting papers to Hambly Morgan at least 24 hours before the meeting.
2. Please ensure your contributions are paid.
3. If no vote is indicated an abstention will be recorded.

Joint Owners - one owner required to sign
Sole Owner - one signature required
Company Nominee - one signature of company nominee required
Proxy - any co-owners to sign

1. Voting rights are determined in accordance with the lot entitlement of each lot.
2. You or your Company Nominee may cast a vote either in person at the meeting, or by proxy delivered to Hambly Morgan no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting,
3. A person cannot vote on a motion requiring an ordinary resolution or a special resolution, or, in an election ballot, if a contribution, instalment or penalty due to the Body Corporate has not been paid.
4. Where there are two or more Co-Owners of a lot, a vote by any one of the Co-Owners will be counted as the vote for the lot unless a contrary vote is cast by another Co-Owner in which case no vote will be counted for the lot.

Use of Proxy

1. A Body Corporate Member (Member A") who is the proxy for another Body Corporate Member ("Member B") may vote both in Member A's own right and also as proxy of Member B.
2. A vote by proxy must not be exercised at a general meeting if the Member who gave the proxy is personally present at the meeting, unless the Member consents at the meeting; or
and it must not be used for voting for a majority resolution.
3. A proxy may be exercised by a show of hands at a general meeting or by completing a written or electronic vote.